Rosé wines, characterized by their beautiful pink hue, have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years as a versatile and refreshing choice for wine enthusiasts. Produced by allowing the grape skins to have limited contact with the juice during fermentation, Rosé wines can be made from a wide variety of red grape varieties and are crafted in styles ranging from bone-dry to slightly sweet. While the Provence region of France is synonymous with high-quality Rosé, these wines are produced in various regions across the globe, each offering unique expressions of this delightful style.

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Common Tasting Notes

strawberry, raspberry, cherry, watermelon, red currant, grapefruit, lemon, orange zest, rose petal, peach, green apple, lime, tangerine, cranberry, honeysuckle, white peach, apricot, red plum, mint, lavender

What does it pair with?

Rosé wines are incredibly food-friendly, making them an excellent choice for a wide variety of dishes. Their bright acidity and fruit flavors pair well with light salads, seafood, and grilled fish, as well as chicken and pork dishes. Rosé wines also complement spicy foods like Indian, Thai, or Mexican cuisine, where their refreshing character helps to cool the palate. For a simple yet satisfying pairing, try Rosé with a platter of fresh fruit, charcuterie, or a variety of cheeses.

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