Schiava is a red wine grape variety that is primarily grown in the northern Italian region of Alto Adige, also known as Südtirol. It is known for its light and fruity flavors, as well as its versatility with food.

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Common Tasting Notes

strawberry, raspberry, violet, rose, black cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, tea leaves, white pepper, herbs, spices, earthy, bitter almond, tart, light-bodied, refreshing, juicy, bright acidity, low tannins, slightly effervescent

What does it pair with?

Schiava is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of foods. Its light and fruity structure makes it a good match for lighter dishes, such as roasted chicken, grilled fish, or vegetarian pasta dishes. It also pairs well with cured meats, such as prosciutto or salami, as well as strong cheeses, such as asiago or gorgonzola.

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